The Convergence™ Series AllTerra™ rifle is a balanced, easy-to-control hunting rifle. Optimized for weight and accuracy at about 7.5 pounds, it contains the patented, Axial Precision technology that eliminates the compromise between benchrest accuracy and hunting reliability. Whether you want to shoot 100 or 1000 yards, feel confident in a field capable rifle that offers the highest performance with flawless precision.

  • Match Grade Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Fiberglass/Carbon Fiber Stock
  • Fully tested rifles starting at $5095

Owners Manual

Axial Precision Operation Manual (PDF): Download

Weight (as configured):

  • About 9.5 pounds

Receiver: Convergence™

  • CNC machined 17-4 stainless steel
  • Wire EDM cut raceways
  • Integral recoil lug or pinned recoil lug
  • Extended length magazine for VLD bullets
  • Fits in Remington 700 stocks


  • CNC machined from one piece of hardened 4140 chromoly
  • Spiral fluted body
  • Ergonomic swept back bolt handle
  • Improved firing pin design for faster lock time
  • Dual ejectors for improved ejection angle


  • Timney adjusted to 2.5lbs (other options available)

Stock: (other options available)

  • AP Carbon Hunter Stock
  • Carbon fiber/fiberglass reinforced
  • Pillar bedded
  • Free floated barrel
  • CNC machined hinged floor plate bottom metal

Barrel: (Other options available)

  • Match grade hand-lapped stainless steel fluted barrel
  • #4 or #5 contour
  • Length 20-24”

Recommended Scope and rings: 

  • Scope: Nightforce NXS scope (Other options available)
    • Version 5.5-22x 50
    • MOAR reticle
  • Rings: Talley Pinned integral base

Rifle package as configured with load development, scope cover, and custom case: $7750.

HD Image Download of The AllTerra™

Download: Image

If you are interested in a bolt action rifle that has the accuracy of a benchrest rifle combined with the reliability of a hunting rifle, then look no further. Axial Precision has bridged the gap between benchrest accuracy and field reliability.