The Convergence Series: Mountain Shadow™

The Axial Precision® Mountain Shadow is uniquely designed and built around its cartridge propellant Through years of load development and extensive testing, it takes advantage of a state of the art I field proven – temp stable powder. The rifle is only chambered in cartridges compatible with this powder. You can shoot other ammo, but the rifle performance is highly optimized around its designated propellant/loads.

The Mountain Shadow was designed in concert with our custom ammo partner Choice Ammunition and with assistance from the Engineers at Hornady who are some of the leading experts in modern magnum – heavy for caliber ballistics. Over 5 years of research and testing – includes input from over fifty hard core sheep hunters, and some of the most proficient sheep guides in the world.

Utilizing short barrel optimization and the patented Axial Precision ATAS alignment system, the high frequency harmonics are contained and thus aid in 1/2 MOA accuracy in heavy-for-caliber bullets unlike the pencil-thin long barrels of the lightweight rifle platforms, which are merely milled down versions of their heavier brothers. The longer the barrel the higher the resonant frequency at the muzzle – high muzzle resonance and heavy – fast bullets= large, erratic groups.

Full size – 5 layer, hand laid carbon fiber stocks with ultra light fill and utilizing CNC machining for optimal strength to weight ratio and absolute rigidity – fully pillar and action bedded. Pre-threaded for either a front picatinny rail or dual front swivels to accommodate a SnipePod or choice of bi-pod.

Mountain Shadow Table

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If you are interested in a bolt action rifle that has the accuracy of a benchrest rifle combined with the reliability of a hunting rifle, then look no further. Axial Precision has bridged the gap 
between benchrest accuracy and field reliability.


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