AP Carbon Hunter Stock

AP Carbon Hunter Stock

$699.00 $599.00

AP Light Hunter pure carbon fiber stock. Filled to desired weight between 24-40oz with customized length of pull. Custom colors available.

Action – Inletted for Remington 700, Stiller Predator, Defiance Deviant, Defiance Rebel, GA Precision Hunter, BigHorn Origin, BigHorn TL3 & SR3, LonePeak Razor & Fuzion, Borden Alpine & Ridgeline & SuperShort, Tikka T3, Kelbly Atlas Tactical

Bottom Metal – Inletted for all popular bottom metals, including Obendorf LA and SA, Remington BDL and M5 DBM

Barrel Profile – Inletted for all popular profiles


Here at Axial we have designed into our Light Hunter a negative comb, this allows the barrel line to be below the top portion of the recoil pad.  This reduces muzzle climb. This AP stock also has an inset grip for a better trigger pull angle, and proper position of the wrist and thumb on the right side of the stock.  Currently our stocks are inlet for Remington SA or LA BDL, Obendorf SA or LA and multiple different barrel channels. Each stock weighs about 27oz but can be filled to order if more weight is desired. Colors and patterns can also be ordered to customer specifications, just contact us.