There is a fundamental conflict when it comes to the design of all field capable rifles. Long range accuracy is typically compromised to deliver reliability in challenging hunting environments such as ice, snow, mud and dirt.

The Dilemma

The key to accuracy is to have the rifle bolt, and the receiver axially aligned with the bore of the barrel. For a rifle to function in dirty or frozen field conditions, the bolt needs significant clearance to operate. This clearance creates axial misalignment, therefore making a rifle less accurate.

Another industry problem is the axial misalignment of the rifle barrel to receiver. Most field capable rifles use threads to align the barrel to the receiver. However, threads are the least accurate method used to align two objects.

The Axial Solution

The Axial Trajectory Alignment System (ATAS™) delivers the key element for rifle accuracy. This patented technology ensures all rifle components are aligned along a central axis from the bolt face to the bullet exiting the rifle bore. This improves rifle harmonics, while reducing barrel whip and unpredictable changes in bullet trajectory caused by alignment errors that are typical in virtually all high-performance rifles.

Furthermore, Axial Precision has designed an entirely new receiver unlike any other in the industry. Our Asymmetric Receiver Design™ solves the dilemma that invariably accompanies accurate rifles. This patented technology achieves extremely tight tolerance at lock-up, while scraping debris into loose tolerance areas as the bolt cycles through the action.

Rifles Have Evolved.