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We currently only offer right-handed rifles.

Based on the selected caliber, the barrel would have a twist. You can specify a different twist in the notes on checkout.

Lead time: 3 months

Barrel Length


Barrel Twist

Twist (based on caliber selected, under Rifle tab)

For barreled action, call for pricing.


Scope Rings


Looking for unparalleled precision? Use our custom load development rounds.

Owning your premium Axial custom rifle is just a few steps away! Click on the steps below for more information.

Build & Send: Approximately 4 months

  • 1. Design Rifle
  • 2. Pay Deposit & Checkout
  • 3. Manufacture Rifle
  • 4. Final Payment
  • 5. FFL Delivery

1. Design Rifle

Design Rifle: We will use the final specifications you designate when you "Build Own Rifle" prior to checking out. You have the option to contact us, if necessary to discuss changes you might desire to your selected configuration. We will do all we can to accommodate changes if done promptly after submission to Axial Precision and prior to ordering parts or beginning the manufacturing process.

2. Pay Deposit & Checkout

Pay Deposit and Checkout: A 50% deposit is collected at time of checkout for any rifle order. The remaining 50% of the rifle cost, plus any shipping costs and any applicable sales taxes are collected prior to shipment of your rifle order. Any purchases of store items will be collected in full at the time of checkout, including shipping charges and taxes, if any.

3. Manufacture Rifle

Manufacture Rifle: When your order is submitted at Checkout, we put your order in the queue for manufacturing in the next available slot.

4. Final Payment

Final Payment: The remaining cost of the rifle, plus shipping charges and taxes are collected prior to final shipment from the factory. You will be contacted by us to arrange for the final payment.

5. FFL Delivery

FFL Delivery: Once final payment is received, we will ship the rifle to the FFL you specify in your state of residence. The elapsed time between order submission and shipment is typically about 3 months.


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