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Ready-to-Ship Rifles

Need a rifle for an upcoming hunt? We have rifles in multiple calibers that are ready to ship to you.

Carbon Fiber Stocks

The worlds best rifles have the worlds best stocks.  Our Carbon Fiber stock was designed from the ground up to be the best stock on the market.  Click to learn more!

Rifles Have Evolved.

The Axial Precision® Mountain Shadow™ is uniquely designed and built around its cartridge propellant Through years of load development and extensive testing, it takes advantage of a state of the art I field proven – temp stable powder.

The Mountain Shadow

The AllTerra Carbon

At around 6.5 pounds, the Convergence™ Series AllTerra Carbon™ rifle is made for minimalists (or) mountain hunters who demand the highest performance in extreme conditions. Optimized for weight, its rigid yet lightweight construction is able to withstand the harshest field conditions while maintaining the accuracy of significantly heavier rifles. No other lightweight hunting rifle shoots with more accuracy at 1000 yards.

The Convergence™ Series AllTerra™ rifle is a balanced, easy-to-control hunting rifle. Optimized for weight and accuracy at about 7.5 pounds, it contains the patented, Axial Precision technology that alleviates the compromise between benchrest accuracy and hunting reliability.

The AllTerra

The Arid 1760

Well worth the weight at around 12 pounds, the Convergence™ series Arid 1760™ rifle is an excellent choice for those looking for accuracy and flexibility in a tactical rifle.

The Axial Difference

Our unparalleled accuracy is achieved by precision alignment of all components along a central axis (patented).

Upcoming Shows

We will be exhibiting in the following shows:

Dallas Safari Club:
1/7/21-1/10/21 in Dallas, TX

Booth #4641

Wild Sheep Show:
1/14/21-1/16/21 in Reno, NV

Booth #560

Safari Club International:
2/3/21-2/6/21 in Reno, NV

Booth #237

Western Hunting & Conservation Expo:
2/11/21-2/14/21 in Salt Lake City, UT

Booth #812