The Axial Difference

Our unparalleled accuracy is achieved by precision alignment of all components along a central axis (patents pending).

Marc LeQuieu has been a Professional Hunter in Botswana, and a custom hunting rifle builder over the past 15 years. His custom built rifles have been featured in journals such as Guns and Ammo.

The Axial Difference

Axial Precision is a firearms manufacturing company specializing in high-end precision rifles. Our mission is to provide the most accurate and most reliable rifles in the industry that function in the harshest field conditions. Whether it’s hunting or military combat, our rifles bridge the gap between benchrest accuracy and field reliability.

From the Beginning

Axial Precision has completely redesigned the conventional hunting rifle by approaching the problem of bolt face to barrel, and, barrel to receiver alignment, in an entirely unique manner that ensures precision accuracy and high reliability.

Convergence™ Series

Our Convergence™ Series rifles combine long range accuracy at a reasonable weight with rugged reliability to operate in challenging field conditions such as ice, snow, mud and dirt.

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